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Fiiz Opens New Soda Shop in Fast-growing North Salt Lake Area

North Salt Lake City, UT- FiiZ specialty soda shop opened a new location in the fast-growing North Salt Lake area. “We are thrilled to open this shop here,” said manager Scott Nelson, “and we are happy to provide our customers in this community with great drinks and treats.”

FiiZ is a specialty soda shop that offers unique refreshments that are customized to “Your FiiZ, Your Way”.  Flavored syrups, fresh fruits, purees, and creams, are added and mixed to your favorite soda to elevate your drink and your day.  FiiZ also has a variety of salty snacks, sweet treats, flavored waters, energy drinks, and dozens of hot drink options.

“I have a background running a business and working in restaurants; I understand the importance of great customer service and connecting with customers, “ said Nelson.  “I have an amazing staff that also understands how important it is to serve quality products in a fast and friendly way. Nelson has a staff of 18, mostly high school students.  I have “the best employees ever,” and I am happy to provide student jobs to local kids in the area.”

“We opened in the summer and are now adjusting to the flow of business now that school is back in session,” said Nelson. “We are busy on the weekends, during lunchtime, and have a big after-school rush.”

“The area around us is growing with new businesses and housing.  Plus, they are re-doing a freeway ramp right near us; we think we are in a perfect location,” said Nelson.  “People tell me all the time that they are excited to have a FiiZ in this area, and we already have regular customers who come in daily for their favorite drink.”

“We love being a part of this community, and we host seasonal and holiday events and discount days – like, if the University of Utah has a football game and a customer wears red or a Utah shirt on game day, they get 10% off their order.  We are brainstorming other promotional ideas and ways to support the community and local schools,” said Nelson. 

What are the most popular FiiZ drinks at the North Salt Lake shop?  It is the “Berry Bad Doctor” (Dr. Pepper, raspberry puree, vanilla, coconut, and cream) and the “Chandler Bing” (Mountain Dew, coconut, pineapple, and strawberry), according to Nelson.

FiiZ is located in the same building as The Stop, a local gas station at 34 Eaglegate Drive in North Salt Lake, UT 84054.  The shop is a drive-through location only.  The hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 10 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 10 pm; and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm.

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